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At One Street Capital, offering you financially sound opportunities that line up with your financial goals is our number one priority. We use a proprietary strategy combining decades of successful investing experience and an array of AI analyzing software to vet every property we present to our investors. 



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Relax and enjoy the passive benefits of ongoing cash flow distributions and long term growth while we do the heavy lifting to improve, stabilize, and operate the property.

What we do


We begin by identifying markets with steady employment and population growth and then partner with experienced, talented operators in those markets. Once we have those pieces in place we devise a business plan to increase the value by upgrading the property and improving operations to reduce expenses.



Once the property is stabilized and generating higher income, it appraises at a higher value, putting us in a position to refinance. Refinancing allows us to return a significant portion of investor capital while continuing to collect cash.




We place a professional 3rd-party property manager to improve the operations and reduce operating expenses. This takes care of any deferred maintenance while upgrading the property’s interior and exterior. With this in place, our investors begin to enjoy passive income and gain peace of mind knowing that skilled professionals are running their investments.



We continually assess the market and seek the best possible time to sell. With this approach, our investors collect their remaining investment capital and get their share of the profits. Our holds typically last from five to seven years, although we do retain some properties for long-term cash flow.

Put your money to work in real estate

You’ve worked hard to earn your income. You deserve to keep more of what you make. You don’t want to spend your extra time managing properties or sorting through calculations.

You want to rely on an experienced team who’ll make the right decision for your capital, without fail.

We offer completely passive, sound investment opportunities in real estate to help you protect and build your wealth.

We’re here to guide you through every step, to make sure you have the resources you need to decide whether passive real estate investing is right for you.

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